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Guiding Our Youth to Change Our Community 


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Helping Juvenile Offenders Become Reformed Citizens 

Youth crime has become rampant. Although young offenders are considered lawbreakers, most of them are victims with complex needs. We recognize the deep social and emotional needs of the youth under our care and help them become accountable for their actions. 

Exposure is the Key to Change

Gentlemen And Not Gangsters (G.A.N.G.) is a juvenile mentoring program geared towards changing the mindset of the individual by creating dialogue, exposing them to new opportunities, and providing them access to greater education. In addition to our curriculum-program, we invite special speakers to come and share their insights to the gentlemen under our care.


Make a Change in the Community

We accept monetary donations. To take part in the mission of Gentlemen And Not Gangsters in Nashville, Tennessee of assisting juvenile offenders, make a donation via PayPal today.

Why Choose Us? 

Our group is the only one in America that is partnered with the juvenile gang court. We have a 12-week curriculum. Additionally, we do home visits, school visits, and court appearance.

Vision Statement 

We aspire to encourage, inspire, and motivate through the unconditional love of God. We seek to help our brothers and sisters in Christ in breaking generational curses, chains of bondage, entanglement, enslavement, and imprisonment literally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Mission Statement 

We aim to build a character that lasts in families through positive alternatives to violence and delinquency by offering integrated approach to the youth’s academic, physical, social, and spiritual development.

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